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Crazy Pool

Crazy Pool - Rating: 10/10

It's the craziest pool game you'll ever play! The goal of this game is to clear the table quickly and with the least number of shots possible. Use any ball but start with the white ball and set the colored balls in motion. When balls of the same color collide with each other, they disappear. There are no rules at this crazy pool type table, save one - Go crazy!
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Sputnik - Rating: 10/10

the goal of the game is to make the trajectory of the sputnik as long as possible using the gravity of the planets.
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The Last Shelter

The Last Shelter - Rating: 10/10

Alien bugs are attacking your base! Build towers to defend yourself, but be careful with your strategy or you will come to a most unfortunate end in this futuristic tower defense game!
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Relive Your Life

Relive Your Life - Rating: 10/10

Start off at the very beginning, and then play through your life in a series of exciting and fun mini-games. But be careful of your choices, and your timing as well. But don’t worry, should you mess up, you’ll just relieve your life, from sperm to adult.
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Stark Tower Defense

Stark Tower Defense - Rating: 10/10

You must defend the Stark Towers from the invading super villains in this super hero themed tower defense game! Use towers styled after some of your favorites, like Spider-man, Thor, and Ironman to keep the Star Towers safe from harm!
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Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow - Rating: 10/10

Play the classic Pokemon Yellow Version originally for the Gameboy Color! Embark on an epic adventure in the world of the Pokemon where you will encounter many challenges. Train up your pokemon and then challenge gym leaders to prove you are the best Pokemon Trainer in the land!
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Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red - Rating: 10/10

Here’s the classic Pokémon Red that was one of the first games in the massive Pokémon universe! Enjoy the game that started it all that was originally for the Gameboy. Start with one Pokémon of your very own and then get out there and do your level best to collect them all!
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Plastic Saucer

Plastic Saucer - Rating: 9/10

its wonderfully simple, yet superbly executed, and very addictive!
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Motherload - Rating: 9/10

Motherload; The game that takes you under the surface of arcade-style gaming and into the roots of fun. Tipping the hat to old favorites such as Dig Dug and Boulder Dash, Motherload incorporates a modern interface, fast-paced gameplay, and an in-depth...
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Blast Billy

Blast Billy - Rating: 9/10

Use your mouse to blast Billy around the caverns! Collect the stars and take a shot at the top score.
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Type Type Revolution

Type Type Revolution - Rating: 9/10

Very addictive. Type the letters as they pass through the bar. Hard mode gets INSANE!
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Pirates - Rating: 9/10

The objective of Pirates is simple. Do whatever it takes to destroy the opposing team. Of course, pirates don't fight fist-to-fist, so we've supplied them with a nice arsenal ov weapons, including pirate cannon, homing missile rotten rations barrel and much more.
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Wone 2

Wone 2 - Rating: 9/10

Drive you tire around each level collecting gold balls. You can get upgrades such as bungees so you can swing from a cable.
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Crazy Pool 2

Crazy Pool 2 - Rating: 9/10

Back by popular demand but bigger, better and more crazy than ever - 2DPlay proudly presents Crazy Pool 2. With new obstacles like teleporters, fans, frozen balls and several 'shot-in-the-dark" levels, we guarantee Crazy Pool 2 will drive you bonkers. Play 30 challenging levels with no rules, save one - Go crazy! Submit your scores and compete with other nutters.
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Crazy Chess

Crazy Chess - Rating: 9/10

Use the mouse to move the Knight, capturing pawns using the traditional 'L' move, as fast as you can. Collect powerups to help you and gold coins to maximize your score.
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Crazy Ball

Crazy Ball - Rating: 9/10

Your task is simple - just put the ball into your opponents basket and stop him from doing the same to your basket.
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Apple Hunt

Apple Hunt - Rating: 9/10

Fling the apple into the basket in as few flings as possible. You set the angle and power and then watch the apple fly and bounce.
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Youda Sushi Chef

Youda Sushi Chef - Rating: 9/10

Youda Sushi Chef is a fun time management game. Your main goal is to keep your customers happy and serve them the right dishes in time to reach your daily target. You really have to rely on your memory skills. Extra features like reservations and take away orders coming in constantly keep your adrenaline going.
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Rubble Trouble

Rubble Trouble - Rating: 9/10

Use a variety of destructive tools to help the workmen demolish the buildings and earn their cash!
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Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2 - Rating: 9/10

You learned to fly, but Icebergs destroyed you dreams. Now you've returned for revenge against them!
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