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Detonator - Redline Rumble 2

Detonator - Redline Rumble 2 - Rating: 10/10

Are you ready for death-defying, full-throttle 3D racing action? You must prove your skills to The Spectator, a sinister character who kidnapped you and makes you race through dangerous courses where the top prize is your life!
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Funky Truck Arizona

Funky Truck Arizona - Rating: 10/10

Further funky monster trucking.. Chunky dirt-ripping wheels, bigger jumps and new levels!
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Freeway Fury

Freeway Fury - Rating: 10/10

Awesome game where you speed down a busy highway jumping from car to car to earn points!
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Freeway Fury 2

Freeway Fury 2 - Rating: 10/10

Get ready for some crazy vehicle hopping danger in Freeway Fury 2! Jump from car to car to get boost and get better positioning (and cars). Many more cars to hop to including semi trucks, school buses, and even.... TANKS!
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Maniac Racers

Maniac Racers - Rating: 9/10

An awesome destruction derby type race!
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Quibble Race

Quibble Race - Rating: 9/10

In Quibble Race the idea is to race your Quibble and win to gain large prize purses. Much like in horse racing. Use your prize money to train your Quibble to become and even better racer. Use secret items to give your Quibble temporary boosts or even harm the other Quibbles. Just be careful as the other trainers can do the same to you.
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Over Size

Over Size - Rating: 9/10

Can you handle the big action of racing monster trucks? This game ain't for sissies. Step into this big rig and hit the throttle to spray some dirt and leave the competition in the dust.
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4 Wheel Madness

4 Wheel Madness - Rating: 9/10

Drive your monster 4x4 truck crushing cars, vans and anything else that gets in your way. Finish each level by reaching the finish and completing the requirements whether it be chrushing cars or a time limit.
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Bike Mania 2

Bike Mania 2 - Rating: 9/10

Hop on your dirt bike and ride over all the obsticles to get to the finish. Make sure not to hit your head though.
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Neon Race

Neon Race - Rating: 9/10

A great neon driving and smashing game! Smash through 8 levels hitting red vehicles to gain turbo power! Earn cash, collect bonuses, and beat tims to upgrade your car and unlock all the tracks. And just when you think you're done you unloack the SuperCar for even more thrilling racing!
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Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing - Rating: 9/10

Hot Rod racing at its best! Fly over hills, upgrade your stylish car and beat your competition in each race to win! Customize your sweet ride precisely to get the most out of your hot rod and make winning easier!
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Flood Runner 3

Flood Runner 3 - Rating: 9/10

It's the end of the world and you are the last survivor! Out run Armageddon's floods and lava or all of humanity will be extinct. Use double and triple jumping, as well as your gliding ability to survive.
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Mad Truckers 2

Mad Truckers 2 - Rating: 9/10

You have 100 miles to go in your big rig truck! Your goal is to cover those miles in as few days as possible, the fewer cars you crash into the further you’ll go and the more money you’ll make for upgrades!
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Knugg Rally

Knugg Rally - Rating: 8/10

This is a fast-paced alien racing game where you can race with 5 vehicles on 3 race circuits: Asteroid Zero-4, Black Hole City, and the Elleg'Drak Ruins.
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Kore Karts

Kore Karts - Rating: 8/10

Race a mini kart around different tracks and beat the computer or a friend, in the fastest time possible.
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The Mad Courier

The Mad Courier - Rating: 8/10

Everyone in Sun Valley needs their packages delivered immediately! Can you cruise through town and drop off their goods on time?
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Miniclip Rally

Miniclip Rally - Rating: 8/10

Pick from three characters and race on three really cool levels! Try to beat the record times and be the best racer ever. Hit the speed bumps to gain speed but watch out for the water spills.
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Funky Truck 4WD

Funky Truck 4WD - Rating: 8/10

More levels and an upgraded, four-wheel drive truck.
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Highway Heist

Highway Heist - Rating: 8/10

Race around the city and grab the gold - but watch out for the cops!
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ATV Madness

ATV Madness - Rating: 8/10

Hop on your ATV and get busy in this 3D racing game!
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